Self Quarantine for Guests (Covid-19)

My question comes after local authorities issued a statement that all travellers coming from a list of effected countries need so self quarantine for 14 days before continuing with their vacation.

Now the question is… who pays if a guest needs to self quarantine in your property due to the Covid-19? Is the guest liable to cover for the cost? Also who will provide for the guest while they are quarantined?

Seeing that self-catering apartments are not like hotels, with many rooms but there is just one room or one property, future bookings may be affected. Who pays for the bookings that have been affected?

Well clearly if the guest wants to use your listing to extend their stay and you are happy to have them, they would pay.

Why would you think the guest wouldn’t be liable to pay?

What do you mean who would provide for the guest? Provide what? This would be up to the guest to sort out.

Have you read Airbnb’s EC policy for the coronavirus if not go and have a look. It covers your final point @travellinbug. Host and guests are allowed to cancel penalty free where the cancellation is covered by the policy.