Self Check-in Instructions How it works?

As a host I have no idea how the self check in instructions worked on confirmed guest? I have set up an 8 steps guide and pictures how will my guest look and find the address and the unit. But it ends up asking for the key code etc. The question is how and where my guest will see the self check in instructions when they confirmed their booking. Please help!

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This is what I send to my guests. Obviously, most places have locks, but all you have to do is put in instructions for key code.

The door to the rental cottage is the yellow one on the ground floor. It will be unlocked. Let yourself in and get settled.

I’ve found most people prefer to be left to get unpacked and have a look around before I come to greet you. Please call my cell (no text) when its convenient.

I may not be home when you arrive, as I work n the afternoons. I’m usually home by 5pm. If there is a black escape in the driveway. I’m home.

I look forward to meeting you?

Hi Louise, Im referring from the New set up from listing. Youll see it from Guest resources from there you can create a guide how will your guest check in. Thanks

Hi @gonzalo

Have you looked on Airbnb’s Help Centre for more information. If you can’t find anything there and the information they provide when you are setting it up doesn’t help you enough, give them a call.

Thanks, Heisi, will do…

I normally just send them the self check in instructions in text, a map of how they would get there from the airport and a picture of the lock box (of course the code that gets them in). Also describe which key goes where and give them more info on the dining table.