Selected give '1 days notice' but showing as 3 days on calendar?

Im a new host. I selected ‘Advance Notice’ of ‘At least 1 day’ in my listing settings.
It is currently 4pm on Sat 21 Oct but when I view my calendar it is greyed out until Tues 24th Oct…?
So maybe there is a bit of computer code that says if its after 3pm then thats not classed as a whole day, but even so, surely my listing should be bookable from Monday 23rd which is what i want?
I must say, im very surprised at how buggy the airbnb website is. Weve had lots of little issues whilst setting up our listing. I was expecting airbnb to be a lot more slick considering the amount of money it must make with a relatively simple interface.

I think your reasoning is correct and this is yet an another Airbnb calendar bug – see the one I just reported.

It’s shameful indeed that their faulty calendar leads to lost bookings and thus lost business both for Airbnb and hosts.

I’m not disputing it’s buggy or lost bookings. But we must keep in mind that Airbnb doesn’t care which host a guest books with, as long as they book. They don’t care if Tan’s listing doesn’t show; a guest can book with someone else whose listing shows for Monday. They don’t care if your listing doesn’t show for tonight because there are dozens of other listings that do show for tonight.

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Sadly true. But the lower choice could still have bad consequences for them. Besides, there might be other ways this bug might manifest in for others, so all in all it might still affect them somewhere to some extent.
Of course, it hits a hapless host much harder.

But a bit of a bug might be benign, though a host in hat would be hot if hurt

An iteration of alliteration is always fun in every nation.


Benign? Boo, be gone! 'Tis a bummer!

I had in no way intended to alliterate in that post! :yum:

Are we sure the grey-out is a bug? Sometimes it is someone booking who still needs to finish some business on the Airbnb end.

I had it happen with a guest who still needed to upload his ID. I was starting to get annoyed, when I realized, that was my own requirement! not Air’s!, :rofl: