Seeking somone to run my AirBnB property

Hi there.

Last summer I became an AirBNB host for the first time, and had a good experience as a part time hotelier.

This year due to work commitments taking me overseas, its looking as though I will be unable to do the same.
So I am looking for someone realiable, & trustworthy who may be interested in spending a summer in the South France.
Am not even really sure how to go about this process or if anyone has any thoughts/experience of similar, but thought this forum may be a good place to at least begin the process…

Look forward to hearing.

Best regards


Hi Myles,

I may be able to help you. Where are you located?

Hello. Im in the Languedoc -fairly close to Carcassonne.


Hello.E I am in the Languedoc - fairly close to Carcassonne.

Hi Myles Cummings

How’s your search for a complementary host going? I find this exchange interesting and would like to know more and let you know more about me. Looking forward to your response. Mikael

I can see that your request was made quite some time ago but I’m reaching out to see how it’s been going for you and the possibilities this might lead to. Mikael

When I had to leave for a few months I found a tenant who was in school studing hospitality. She paid rent and helped fun my airbnb. If the month had no refunds and all good reviews, she would get her rent back. So she lived free for 3 months and I got a host who cares. I know it may sound strange, but it worked for me.

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