Seeking ideas: getting in on the rental boom

Squirrel moment: this summer my area has record demand. The large rentals to accommodate the entire family are booked into summer 2022.

I am pleasantly surprised at the employment provided by specialty support services that I hadn’t considered.

Of course we all know about cleaning & laundry services.

The new ones I’m seeing this year are:
Chef cooking classes hosted in the home rental or chef facility
Chef with grill on trailer to cater a meal at the rental

Increased demand for:
Family / event beach portraits
On the Beach wedding services & supply rentals
Shark teeth hunting excursions including to a coquina mine known for having Megladon teeth
Chartered family/group excursions to a private island
Guided Kayaking trips-river & marsh
Ocean charter memorial services (specialty flowers -no wire; form must be biodegradable)
Rental photography services
Family surfing classes
Camper rental & set up

I’m trying to figure out a niche to tap into to provide extra services.

Any ideas?!?!

Co-host services for new hosts ?


How about a bike tour with bike rentals for families?


Pantry services- theres several STR management companies here who provide that service so guests have local provisions, flowers, farm fresh produce etc upon arrival.


Demand for dog boarding is sky high and if you allow pets you can get more bookings. So research some boarding facilities or in home hosts who will board without a meet and greet in advance and maybe get a small referral fee. Or set up your rental, if your HOA allows, for being pet friendly. Buy a crate for example and have it there so families don’t have to travel with it.

Do you live near this rental? Are you looking to do something yourself?


I bet this has a lot to do with the pandemic. People whose livelihood had been impacted started getting creative about alternative ways to make money. Not just hosts, but everyone.


hi where are u located - this will help with ideas

I like the referral fee idea. Of note two close by kennels / doggie daycares have closed because property on or close to island is in such high demand so land sold. Locals & guests are are frequently on local Facebook groups looking for dog kennel services. The demand is there.

My HOA does not allow renter pets on premises. I wish we could.

I probably will be living close to the rental in the next year. So yes, thinking about next rental season gig work.

Lots of demand/use online grocery order pick up & delivery to rentals. Saves time for the renters & especially if they fly in, there is a rental car & car service shortage.
Now I’ll thinking of how to up-class this to include farmer’s market local produce. Liking this…

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Liking this. Bike rentals common. Bike tours are not. There are some great parks fairly close.

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I’m in coastal South Carolina (Southeastern USA). I’m thinking this thread can be sort of brainstorming so hosts in other areas will have other gigs to consider.

I think you are correct. I recently read an article that some people have moved from have a gig job to supplement their full time earnings to working multiple gigs

It just occurred to me some on this thread may not know the phrase “gig work”.

Short version I think most in this group are gig workers. A gig job is driving UBER or LYFT, door dash or Instacart delivery services, or maybe renting a room in your home to supplement a regular source of income. You do gig work “in your spare time”.

I’m dipping my toe in. I just enrolled as an Airbnb Ambassador to get a little exposure to it.

Also chatting up two neighbors about mutually co-hosting while on vacations.

I purchased a nice camera & am trying to learn real estate photography. I’m practicing by doing free photos of neighbors’ rentals. I’m not very good yet. Composition is not always intuitive. Lighting is not easy. No embellishments but don’t want unnecessarily dark either.

Yes! I think these pantry services are especially popular in Hudson Valley because as a rural destination, there aren’t many (or any in my area!) existing grocery delivery services.

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My daughter and I both host experiences. I do a creative journaling workshop and I also host rooms. My daughter does beach photography followed by a coffee or a drink at a local establishment. As someone wanting an RV, I kind of like the campsite setup.

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Talk to your insurance agent. You will be shocked at the insurance premiums for bike rentals. There’s a reason why the little lips that keep an untightened quick-release front wheel from coming off are called “lawyer lips” in bike shops.


I am surprised at the level of demand for this. But it is huge!

Can you see the demand or just the listings available? looks like they get reviews about 1 weekend a month or so. Don’t forget people need to rent out their rvs to help pay for them too! Maybe that market is saturated…

I guess I have mostly worked in the cash freelance economy, otherwise now called gig<><>

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