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Seeking Feedback on Financial and Tax Tool for Hosts


Hello Hosts,

I’d like to get your feedback on a mobile app we’re developing for hosts to save time and money. We are Levee and you can find us at www.GetLevee.com.

Currently, our app allows you to track and take notes of your business income and expenses, then at the end of the year, prepare your returns for you from stored data.

What we’re trying to accomplish are the following:

1.) to provide you with accurate, real-time after-tax financial information so that you always know your after-tax income from Airbnb hosting.

2.) to automate the tax return process for you starting from when you make a business purchase all the way to e-filing your returns.

Please let us know if this is an app you’d use for your business and please share the features you’d like to see on the app to make life easier for you and your fellow hosts.

Argel, Co-Founder of Levee

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