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Seeing double?..is that normal?


recently had a look at my page and saw that AIRBNB now puts 2 photos together ont he same page…is it me or am i seeing double…i tried a few days later and it was 1 photo…now i’m back to 2 photos on the same hosting page…what do u see? is that normal?


Two pictures on top of listing.


I see just one! But sites are often messed with just to see what would be/look/attract better. The place looks fabulous.


I just see one photo. Side note; there’s no bedroom? It looks like guests would sleep in the living room on the couch, correct?


I have a pretty wide screen display and I am seeing three photos. It is a flexible layout. It shows 1, 2 or 3 based on your viewing area.


I see two photos


hi Mike, yes its a sofa bed with extra mattress - was thinking of adding a photo too…)


hmm maybe its due to the computer you use then? not very IT literate here…but seems to be varied across the world…


St. Pete posted months ago and we had the same question then and he gave the same answer saying he would add a picture with the bed made up.

I’m not sure he needs to bother since he has plenty of 5 star reviews. it doesn’t keep him from booking and pictures with the bed in the living area aren’t going to be as appealing.

If it’s not broke, why fix it?


IE = 1 photo. Chrome = 2 photos


I brought this up last week. Two photos is a new “feature” from the IT dweebs in the basement. I called and complained, LOUDLY. It does seem if you use the app (I don’t) that you see only 1 photo; two pix if you use a laptop or other real computer.


Good idea! People like to see where they are going to sleep.


It is pretty standard design stuff. 1, 2 or 3 images based on what your viewing window is: a phone, a laptop, or a big cinema display. Making the same single photo big, bigger and biggest is not always desirable. I have no doubt potential guests want to see more photos with less work - even though a swipe is hardly work. I am not surprised it does not work in IE. Chrome and Firefox support more advanced front end development.


I see 1 picture. Place looks great.
No shower curtain?


I wondered that, too. Our place would have water all over the floor without one. Perhaps the rain shower head won’t do that?


yes another one i was meant to do )…but the shower is very big and water doesnt fall out of the shower area - the head of the shower is too far from the edge of the shower…gives you a big shower…but maybe i shoudl get a curtain )


I’m using chrome and see only one. I’m on a desktop PC running Windows 10 if that makes a difference.


It is worth noting that I see two images when logged in (MacBook Air with Chrome) - only one when using a Chrome incognito window. It is clearly a responsive layout - showing 1, 2 or 3 photos based on the width of the viewing window - that they are experimenting with.

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