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See reviews left for others?

Is it possible to see the reviews that your potential guests have left for other hosts? I think that would be a valuable tool to determine whether or not to accept their booking.

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Yes, you click on the picture of the host who left the review for your potential guest. The host’s page will come up. You may have to scroll a bit because hosts receive more reviews than guests do.

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Ellen is correct but wouldn’t it be nice if the reviews were easier to find. More transparent?


They are a bit buried. This could be changed, along with the Extra Person glitch.


I agree. I would like it if on anyone’s Airbnb profile you could see all reviews they’ve written.

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There’s an asymmetry here.

Got to any person’s page on Airbnb. You can immediately see

a) reviews that guests have written for them as hosts.

b) reviews that hosts have written for them as guests

However, you cannot see

c) reviews that they have written as hosts for guests.

d) reviews that they have written as guests for hosts.

You have to go digging through other people’s pages for those.
Why? Who knows? Add links, at least.

Great observation! Took me a second to get the analysis lol! Should be reviews of them, reviews left for others period! And it could say whether as a host or guest. Airbnb’s web devs are pretty bad I think!

Hi @Maggieroni,

Yes, parts of their interface could use serious work. Spend some of that x billion dollars and hire some competent software engineers and UI specialists, why don’t you?

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While it is interesting to see what they have written for others, I think it is good that it requires some digging to find.

If you have an actual bad experience, you want the freedom to write about it without having that negative review being displayed openly on your profile page, and potentially having a host disinclined to accept you due to a legitimate bad experience that required documentation.

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I dunno. Public information is public information. What’s the point of trying to hide it? That approach strikes me as security through obscurity, a wacky notion.

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I just want to know if a perpetual complainer is trying to book. If you have to leave a negative review on occasion, fine. What I am looking for is when most of the reviews you leave are negative. I don’t want to try and live up to your lofty expectations…


I agree completely. We had such a guest as unfortunately my husband approved his request before I had the chance to read his reviews of other stays. His complaints about other places: The neighbors’ children were playing outside in the evening, the host barbecued outside the window of the room where he was staying (he told us that his real gripe was that the host didn’t invite him to the barbecue), hosts had more than one party of Airbnb guests, etc. We bent over backward to make sure he was happy. He left us a positive review, but mostly four stars. I felt resentful to be doing so much for someone out of trepidation rather than because I liked him.

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These types of guests are on my blacklist …my DO NOT HOST list. They will always find something wrong!

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