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Security System

What sort of security system setup do you have, if any?

Pug guard dog…


Two dogs who adore anyone to whom we introduce them, but warn us of anyone on the property to whom they haven’t been introduced.

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Crossbow and Scythian recurve — we try to keep the neighborhood quiet.

No system but I did install a Ring doorbell on the front of my fenced in front porch. So I can see when people are going in and out the front. Ring doesn’t yet have live look in so it’s not perfect for everything but it’s self contained, battery operated and easy to install. I have a tall wall/fence around the back and locked wrought iron gates at the sides. Also spot lights on all four sides of the house so if I or the dogs hear anything the whole place can be lighted up.

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My security system is ME. I work from home and can see the front door of the rental from where I work. I see everything (well, almost) :slight_smile:

Hey @jaquo,



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