Security Deposits - A work around?

In reading and reviewing others posts… the security deposit AirBnb allows us to post is rubbish. But… What if we had in our house rules that a security deposit of $XXX will be required after booking and we do the ‘request funds’. If they don’t pay the charges within 24 hours, their booking would be canceled (assuming using Instant Booking). Then we could hold the funds and return them at our discretion - not AirBnb’s. In the state of Florida, we have to give notice within 15 days of a lease end if we are making any claim against a deposit. Funds need to be returned within 30 days. Thoughts? Help me fill the holes in my plan…

The request money button is kind of a pain. I use it at times for collecting my pet fee and it’s hard for the guest to find. They need to follow a link that’s emailed to them. I’ve even had people click on the link and it just directs them back to the home page, not to a screen to accept the charge. (or so they say) More than once I’ve had to call Airbnb to get the money. Air always helped me but we’re talking $5-15. In this case Air might not want to help you do a work around their policies.

I think you should have your guests sign a rental agreement and send deposits to you that you keep or return in accordance with the agreement. Or use a different platform that has true deposits. It depends on what kind of rental you have. I’ve got a small ensuite attached to my home and have never needed to claim on the deposit. (4 years/400+guests)

The other effect I can imagine is annoyed guests who simply refuse your request and don’t book with you.

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I would see you getting a large amount of push back from airbnb guests. As this is not normal on that platform and it will seem suspicious. I would recommend you use platforms that collect a security deposit up front if critical. Vrbo does, maybe others. I have luckily not have to deal with the collection process on Airbnb yet.

I agree. I think it is foolish ( for me ) to rent a large house to 14 guests without a security deposit.
Take it on the side.

@Jetty401 – are you trying to do long term “seasonal” rentals here in Florida with Airbnb? It’s not the best platform for LTRs. Air is best for " 1night night to 15 nights" rentals.

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I don’t disagree with having a contract that is supplemental to Airbnb’s. For rentals >28 days, I require a supplemental lease agreement.

I am wondering about guest pushback.

Situation: rental inquiry for 11/1-11/30/18. Guest bringing service dog. For a service dog, HOA requires document signed by owner & renter of notification of and agreement to HOA & Local dog rules: must be on leash, must pick up & properly dispose of waste, not allowed in the pool water (area ok) & not left unattended on porch.

PUSHBACK:. They said they were not going to sign a 30-day long term rental agreement with the service dog clause in addition to the Airbnb reservation. They were not satisfied with the explaination of rentals of that length can establish residency and Airbnb recommends an additional agreement.

If these folks were refused to sign an agreement that didn’t change their rental, will people be receptive to signing an additional contract requiring additional funds for a deposit?


Well AirBnB last time I looked and we all know it changes usually without notice said that all security deposits had to be handled through the site.

The strong implication was that they meant through the ‘system’ they had specifically set up, but I do not remember this being specifically said.

The only cash that they let you collect without involving them or their system is TAX.