Security Deposit/Claim?

I’m new to AirBnb and had my first guest stayed in my room for 9 nights whilst I was overseas traveling. In addition to keeping in touch with the guest via AirBnb messages, my roommate, whom I trust, was keeping me up to date with things as there was a significant time difference and I didn’t want to leave the guest with unanswered questions.
My roommate messaged me to tell me that the guest has been sleeping with the lights on every night as well as leaving them on all day. I have come home to all the lights (6) in my room being blown out. It’s going to be over $50 for me to buy new lightbulbs, in addition to that bath towel and hand towel I provided the guest with have gone missing.

I have no proof of either being the guest’s fault, would AirBnb pay me the security deposit?

No, you have to claim within 48 hours. Light bulbs don’t sound like “damage” Air would side with. Lesson learned, you can’t control anything while you are gone. I would leave a review. Do it at the last minute of the review period so they can’t ding you back.