Security cameras? Only if the wifi works!

I’ve checked thru the camera posts here and yes, I understand there are quite a few. I have a quick question I’m hoping can be answered by experience …

I have a house in a rural area, satellite wifi and all that loveliness, haha. I have been in search of a security camera set up for our front door and firepit area. But the catch is that satellite wifi is the pits. I don’t want to take up a guests’ bandwidth monitoring said guest, haha. But I also don’t want to drive 6 hours to review the tapes wherein said guest caused damage. Hum …

I have recommendations for Arlo but they rely on a cellular connection on the Go Mobil version. I have seen NightOwl that records to an NVR but, there again, 6 hour drive…

I admit this is all new to me and I might need to try stuff out at my permanent home … But is there a middle ground here that might work for a secluded home with wifi, but limited wifi?

I have two security cameras that are wired to a DVR. They also have an app that I can look at the live feed or do remote playback from a computer or my phone. The system was professionally installed so I don’t know about brand or anything.

Thank you, but dang it, haha! TX and NC = far apart :wink: Good to know something exists though so I am not (too) crazy. Thx for your help!

most wifi cameras only record when motion is detected. So i’m not sure how much WIFI is actually used when not recording. Maybe something to check on.

A game cam could be an option:

Best Wireless Trail Camera Review | Cellular Game Camera Guide

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