Security Cameras Inside Home

I’m putting the finishing touches on home before I put it on airbnb. I have two Security Cameras in my home that I am able to see a Live View from my phone with at any time from anywhere. I would of course never use the Live View to look in on my guests, but I know my guests wouldn’t like seeing a security camera.

First, does it violate airbnb’s or any laws to have Security Camera’s in which I am able to I suppose “spy” on my guests(which as I mentioned I would never do)?

For the times when I rent my home and return the same day the guests checkout I could store them somewhere while they are renting it out, but I’m sure that there will be times when I’m on vacation for a week or maybe even several weeks(I have my own internet business and can work remotely so it’s very possible I will travel for extended periods of time)when the home will be vacant and I would definitely want the security cameras to be on.

This feels like a complete shot in the dark, but is there something I could control remotely that would block the view of the security cameras(and therefore block me from even being able to look at the Live View when I am renting it out)? Both of the security cameras are resting on flat surfaces with room for something to be put in front of them.

Any suggestions on how I could still be able to use my Interior Security Cameras if I am travelling for an extended period when my home is not being rented out while not making the guests feel like it is possible I could be watching them?

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