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Is it legal through Airbnb to install a ring doorbell video camera upon entrance, and have a video cam in common area only. My guests who book have habit of bringing extra guests. I do not live there but when I stop by the excuse is they are just visiting. Only to find out from other guests they had 4 people in a room coded for only 2 shared bath , and was backed up by paying guests could not use. Ideas?

You can certainly have cameras on the outside but you need to make their presence known in your listing info.

Inside cameras, no. If it’s an ‘entire home’ listing, there is no such thing as common spaces, the entire house is considered private. Putting cameras inside is really invasive and you’d get lots of complaints, bad reviews, and possible delisting by Airbnb. I’d never stay somewhere with cameras inside.

Common spaces refers to spaces which are shared with the host or other guests who aren’t part of the same booking, like a hostel type listing.

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It is a shared home without host just guests each renting a private bedroom only. The rest is common shared space.

You can have one according to Airbnb policy but it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. I for one would never choose and Airbnb with a camera inside unless it was only at the door capturing a view outside that door.,by%20using%20Airbnb’s%20messaging%20feature.


I would never book a place with indoor cameras, but then I wouldn’t book a hostel type listing at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a pandemic.


Sounds like a hostel style place. A lot of hostel type listings have cameras in a common area, often the kitchen - and yes, hosts do bust guests for not doing their dishes :joy: I like hostel listings and don’t mind the indoor cameras, it seems more secure actually, since you’re sharing space with so many strangers. Prior to ABB, I enjoyed traditional hostels and they usually have a camera in a common area too. I am not a fan of cameras in general and won’t book an entire place listing that has them anywhere other than the front entrance, but I prefer there are cameras inside a hostel type listing - I feel safer and the ones with cameras inside are usually more organized and cleaner too.

edit to add: (I hope this is ok mods), There is a fellow on the airbnb subreddit that has a big hostel type listing and he has indoor cameras. In fact, he posted not long ago a video from the camera where one of the male guests was harassing one of the female guests, which he had to intervene in. Anyway, if you posted on there, he’d likely respond with some of the in/outs of indoor cameras for you.

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Internal cams are not necessary.

All you need is a ring doorbell… This will show you when people enter and exit… So you’ll have proof that additional people slept over

Also, you could perhaps have a rule that guests must be gone by a certain time?

Good luck

I have Ring outside cameras. They are the best! So glad I have them!