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Second set of plates

I had a German family staying at my apartment for 5 nights…in the family’s feedback to me (not public), they mentioned that I should have a second set of plates (china). Keep in mind that there is a dishwasher and I left paper plates. I don’t think this is a reasonable expectation, what to do you think?

Very reasonable. Two meals a day, one dishwasher load max. And I think you should have triple the visitor number in glasses so folks can enjoy an adult beverage that hasn’t had any milk or juice in it earlier in the day.

Most of the Airbnb plasses I have stayed had a second set of plates, glasses and cutlery. I provide three sets at our Airbnb.

I don’t even own one set of plates. I have two plates total. :smiley: mine is unique situation though.

An extra set of plates won’t cost you the earth especially if you use somewhere like IKEA; this is an easy win for you in terms of making guests happy.

How many plates do you provide? My place, max 6 guests has 6 dinner plates, 12 side plates, 6 of everything else. No dishwasher. No complaints re dishes. I think it’s unreasonable for them to expect two sets. They can hand wash or run the dishwasher. Most families have one set of dishes and somehow manage.

Me too - whether there is a dishwasher or not, I think it’s important for guests to feel like they can skip washing dishes as they rush out the door to sight-see. Plates and cutlery are pretty reasonably priced to stock, and I think it gives a nice feeling of abundance. Most people have more plates at home than people living there, so I think it’s natural to want to have a “stocked kitchen” have at least a few extra things.

Some of my guests buy paper plates and throw away cups because they don’t want to wash - that’s fine with me, but I toss them after they leave, I think it looks very cheap. I wouldn’t want there to be the suggestion that newly arriving guests are expected to eat off of disposable stuff. I’d hate that personally and I’m not going to give guests less than what I would use myself.


Our rental, which has a maximum occupancy of two people, has four of everything.In theory.

Recently we had guests who searched through the highest cupboards (which means standing on a chair) and rooted through the cabinets to get more china, cutlery and glasses. They left a huge mound of dirty dishes when they left.

This is not acceptable and they will get a rotten review from me. I intend to remove it all apart from the four-of-everything.


@Louise, @jaquo, @superhostnyc
First, let me clarify that I don’t offer more plates not because of the expense but because the more stuff available, the more stuff will be left dirty. When I bought my apartment it came with everything (china included) and I put away anything over 4. I could put the surplus back in the kitchen cabinets, but I fear it would only add to the process of getting the apartment clean and ready for the next guests…


I see @MissMiami. It’s clearer to me now.

I personally can put up with the extra dishes that could be left, it doesn’t bug me too much. But to your original question, I think it is a reasonable expectation to have more table service items than the maximum number of guests.

Aren’t the guests supposed to clean dishes etc before they leave? If this is a constant problem, I’d add a charge that would be refunded if place left as it should be. I’m new so don’t know if this has been discussed? Too much stuff makes a place look cluttered, so I’d not put out more to that reason. I don’t leave extra sheets etc out as I’m available if they are required. The people asking for extra dishes are either bringing in more guests or are too lazy to clean up between meals, which would attract vermin.

I think it depends on if you want them to run the dishwasher and it is only half full. I personally hand wash dishes, so having minimal plates would not bother me, and yes it does force you to keep the kitchen clean.

Do you have enough side plates, bowls, serving bowls too? It depends on the reason why they wanted more plates. For example - did they want to first use the plates to eat salads with bread? Then they had to wash them before they served the main meal?

Or did they want more plates to eat dessert after dinner? Or are there no serving plates/bowls and they wanted to use a large plate to place food in the center of the table?

I wouldn’t want guests running the dishwasher after every meal.

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