Second guest fee and breaking his house rules

Hi everyone,
I am not a new member. I have been in here for quiet sometime always reading and had an account but I changed my email and can’t get it back (or retrieve the password). Just want to thank again for the great info here.

My question is: I have a guest who suddenly appeared with 2 guests (her reservation was for 1 only and I charge a second guest fee). I told her most than likely I would not be home when she checked in so she would have to retrieve the keys by helself and do self check in. She thought I was not home and brought someone with her. My schedule had changed and I was at home when she arrived. She was very surprised and after giving the the home tour, roc which she was very very impatient to hear, I asked her if he was sleeping here too. She said yes and that she had booked for only 1, bu-bu-but should be no problem with me, right? I said no problem, but I would still change your reservation to 2 guests. I went right away to change it but Airbnb didn’t allow me to change since the reservation had just started, so I charged her cash for the second guest fee. She held a very bad communication before arriving, tried to squeeze in a second guest and now I woke up and the apartment is ALL smokes smell. I have a strict policy of No Smoking anywhere not even out the windows. So I will charge her deposit as cleaning fee.

Btw I am a SH AND HAVE BEEN HOSING FOR YEARS. Almost 400 reviews and have been a SH since the beginning non stop. Not that the SH is much but based on it and my history with Airbnb I am assuming they will side with me on this as I can’t take picture of ‘smell’.

Did anyone have this experience? Does charging the second guest fee cash affects anything?

Food for thought: accepting payment for the 2nd guest means communication off the Airbnb platform which Airbnb frowns upon. After a reservation starts you can submit an alteration request including a request for additional fees. Unfortunately you may have broken Airbnb’s rules about off-platform payments.

They smoked what in the unit? Tobacco or pot or???
What do your house rules state? No smoking? Or no tobacco? Or no illegal drugs? Does your unit allow smoking out of doors?
Your answers will affect what you should report to Airbnb & how they may respond.

I tried to alter the reservation but couldn’t as I reveceived the message that the reservation has already started thus couldn’t be modified.

Receiving payment for 2nd guest as the system didn’t allow me to change is against TOS? My check in is 4PM, and she arrived at 7:30PM so I couldn’t change guest count in the app or website.

They smoked tobacco. In the country where I am hosting it is illegal to smoke indoors and punished with a high fine. Also, I have in my House Rules: Strictly prohibited to smoke anywhere in the apartment and also in the balcony or out the windows. I also have the rule of No drugs.

On the top of it all there is a big red sign on the desk in the bedroom saying it is strictly prohibited.

I’ve had this happen before with extra guests discovered after check-in. Instead go to the ‘request money’ option and tick the box for extra guest. The guest then accepts the change and it processes to you.

Yes, I knew that but I knew she would deny my request for charging 2nd guest fee (since they can deny charged in the resolution center). She was not happy to pay in person and tried to persuade me not to charge her. Not only that but she was extremely impolite during my 2minute tour of basic things. Told me ‘I know I know’ almost screaming and other things to not. So I knew she would be very troublesome in the Resolution Center.

But really, is charging for second guest after the reservation started against TOS? Why don’t they make it available then in the system to be able to change the reservation. Any person can decide to invite someone else mid reservation as well as they can deny hey didn’t bring a second person if you charge then via Resolution Center.

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While I appreciate your concerns it is a good idea after posting a rant to go back and edit it and remove all the typos.

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Thank you, James. I typed and am typing via mobile. All my posting was at 6 AM local time before getting breakfast all while trying to air the apartment to get rid of the smell. I will go back and edit after I deal with it all. :wink:

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