Seattle tax accountant?

Hi friends, I’ve been an airbnb host since May and so my 2017 taxes will include airbnb income. In previous years I’ve done my super-simple taxes myself, but for this year I want to hire an accountant to get the airbnb income correct. (I’ve made $28k in bookings and paid ~$1500 to cleaners and spent about $5000 renovating & furnishing the unit before going live, plus hoping to deduct utilities.) I’m also unsure of whether depreciation would come in to play.

Anyway, would any recommendation to a Seattle-area tax accountant that you use for your airbnb income.

Have you tried asking on a local host group - much more likely to have recommendations than an international forum.

Thanks Helsi, good idea. I’ve just tried to join a Seattle Airbnb hosts group. I’ve asked around elsewhere in Seattle community groups with no luck.

Try tax forums on whirlpool, I’ve always found helpful, many experts in areas are long time posters. Try asking any friends or work colleagues. You actually don’t an expert here, it is basic investment property tax stuff that any tax agent or accountant can do. Remember you can’t claim all your renovations, some capital costs and improvements are simply not tax deductions.

I’ll PM you the information for my Seattle accountant. He is taking new clients and has always done a good job for me. He is in the Ballard area if this works for you.

@SleepingInSeattle Are you willing to share your CPA’s info with us as well? We’d like a CPA who is savvy and experienced with AirBnB and in-home business.

SleepingInSeattle and/or SeattleLightApt would either of you willing to share the Ballard Tax accountant info. We are just setting up our first AirBnB and live in the area. Thanks