Seattle Host Seeks Other Local Hosts

Hi All,
What a wonderful forum and a logical but confusingly missing community of the official Airbnb site. I’m very pleased to have found you all. I’m a superhost in North Seattle renting my basement mother-in-law apartment. It’s not a cute weekend getaway but it’s a very livable and affordable space in a rapidly gentrifying city. I’m booked out 95% of the time that’s not blocked.

I’m curious if there are other Airbnb hosts in Seattle on this forum. I’m interested in meeting people who would be open to swapping tasks if out of town or otherwise prevented from turning the space around. Right now I rely on a couple of friends and although I pay them well, it’s not a great setup. I think that working with someone in a similar situation would be more ideal.

Not to mention meeting people to grab a drink and swap stories. Hosting has been a lot of fun and it’s a great opportunity to build a community.

There are some Seattle hosts on the forum. Hopefully they will see your post.

Nice to meet you! I rent my basement in Madison Valley. I might be interested in swapping or meeting up. I have my mom come turn my place over when I’m out of town, but she lives in Renton so it isn’t convenient for her to come.


I’m in Seattle on Queen Anne, but not sure about swapping tasks. I work full time and probably wouldn’t be of much help. There is a fairly active group of us in an Airbnb Seattle hosts Facebook group. We have gotten together from time to time and Collin (our rep) pops in from time to time as well so check that out for more local info.

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Nice to meet you as well!
There is a Facebook group? I looked briefly but didn’t fine one. I’ll have to check again.

Nice to meet you Xena.

Hye Greenwood!

Would love to connect sometime. I’m hosting in Wallingford/UW and another in Bellingham, WA. Right now looking at expanding into 1 or 2 more properties in the next two months and be interested in this swapping tasks idea. I could also help host for you. I have hosted over 2.5 years… 225+ reviews. shoot me an email


My Seattle (wallingford/UW district listing)

I’m hosting in Licton Springs which is nearby North Seattle College. Would love to meet you.