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Seasonal Downturn? Stock Market Crash?


I’ve only been a host for one year now. It’s now late August. Bookings have suddenly dropped off. Is this because the stock market just crashed, or because people don’t travel as much in August? I’m looking at the listing competition and I don’t think it is a pricing issue…I think there just is not as many people coming to Seattle this month that need short-term housing. When do other hosts lower their rates (if at all) for fall/winter/off-season?


i fell way off mid july. have only had 3 bookings in august. it’s a seasonal thing here in southern florida. i expect to pick up again by october.


I think that’s when it slows down at the end of August because of the start of the school year.
It’s slow everywhere, September is the slowest months of all .


Hmm! Still chugging along here.


so just as i comment on the slowdown, i get a bunch of requests for september :smile: where are you sandy?


Yup. My September is almost completely booked. Mostly by Australians for some reason. I reckon it is their spring time. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. In L.A. it is pretty nice all year long, so i am expecting a steady flow most of the year. It’s my first year though so we will see.


That’s great Stephanie. I am an hour and a half to two hours (depending on route and traffic) from NYC.

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