Search Results - Neighboring Town

Here’s my situation:

  • The neighbouring town has one big festival per year.

  • I’m only 15 mins drive away

  • I can see properties 20-25 mins drive away in results when I search for that town, but not me

  • any tips to get my property in the results?

PS - I’ve had 8 reviews (mix of guest & host) - all positive.

People search by keywords, so what I would do is do a google search on the festival (ie. Coachella) and if you find that people are searching for say Indio, CA, then you would put in your description something like: “We are super close to Indio, CA, where Coachella 2015 is held”

Jay, here are a few other things that will help your search rankings on Airbnb:

  • photos (especially Airbnb) verified photos
  • turning instabook on
  • response rate
  • response time