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Search Page: The 300 Cap is too short!

This is something from the website that stress me out. The 300 cap number that the site set on the serach page it is too low. On my area there should be almost (or at least close to) 10000 listings. On a non filtered search there might be 9700 listings left outside the guest´s eye. Still if I start tweaking the filters the results are always way above the 300 count (dates, neighborhood, price, etc). It is kind of rude after all the effort we put to know that the site decides when I should be shown or not. It is not a matter of ranking here but instead you aren´t shown at all! How, in the world, you could get a reservation if you don´t have the chance to be seen? Not to mention that the site sometimes hides your listing from search at their own judgment. Back in the old days the threshold was 1000 listings and there weren´t so many listings as now. Someone could think that as bigger it gets the market number of listings the higher should be higher but no. Airbnb thinks it should be set at those ridiculous 300.

Not all of the listings will have the amenities people are selecting in their search. Take a look at the competition and see what you have that they don’t. Make sure you’re checking off all the boxes for the items available at your location. If there’s something simple to add, possibly consider doing that. The list of items needed to be “business ready” is pretty short and cheap to obtain. This will help you in the search results.

As a traveler, I rarely click through several pages of listings. Instead, I refine the search.

I can’t picture a prospective guest browsing till the 300th listing. When I am myself looking for an accommodation I filter the results until I get a maximum of 5 pages of results, then I click on the prettiest pictures.

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There are TEN AirBnB properties on my (very short) street. Plus many who are on other platforms. (The apartment right next to our rental is on another platform). Plus houseboats for rent. Plus two vacation apartment rental complexes.

So I desperately need to be on the first few pages!

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