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Search issues with Airbnb app and mobile browser

My enquiries have stopped! This has been discussed on and off over the last months both here and other forums. For those who’ve been in the same situation as me, enquiries and consequently bookings dropped off literally from one day to the next like a tap being turned off, there are two reasons (both verified directly from Airbnb). This at least gives understanding if not consolation.
One is a glitch in the Airbnb enquiry system where guest enquiries are not reaching hosts inboxes so of course they get no response or answer from us. A concern.
But a bigger one and I’m not sure if the two glitches are connected is that for some reason, anyone searching for bookings on a mobile or tablet (what traveller doesn’t?), will NOT find all available properties in a given location. This was just verified by Airbnb. They wrote: "I’m really sorry that we’re having issues when it comes to searching for listings via the Airbnb app and mobile browser, rest assured though that nothing’s wrong with your listing, and as a reference here are the links of your listings. For the meantime we are encouraging our users to use the google chrome or mozilla firefox browser on their computer as Airbnb works best with these browsers. I hope this helps and should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply."
I along with other hosts in my area but also globally are experiencing this. At least there is a real reason now and not just ‘is it a host flooded market’ or ‘has my listing gone into cyber space?’

This is awful. I don’t know if you remember the mid-nineties when sites routinely had notices that said ‘this site is best viewed on Netscape’. (Whatever happened to them?) But it’s now twenty years on!

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This is disturbing. It would explain April, although I chocked it up to an over saturated market. That said, do non-hosts even bother downloading the ABB app? I don’t know why they would.

Never mind the app, it’s also just searching from your mobile or tablet! Anything that’s not a desktop.

I too thought it was due to over saturation in my area but after reading this I’m not entirely surprised

It sounds like Airbnb needs to hire some competent software engineers. Unless there’s something I’m missing.

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