Screening guests from and other channels?

What strategies is everyone using to screen guests from and other platforms?

Since is more of a hotel site and everything is instant book, it seems like not much screening goes into guests on the platform.

I try to have a chat via messaging on the site…my biggest issue is the no shows!

Why not having pre autorization on clients credit cards?

@Debthecat don’t you take a deposit at the time of booking? Are you asking them to send a copy of their ID through these?

@sylvainbg we charge the card automatically for 50% at the time of booking and 50% 7 days before arrival, so the money part isn’t an issue. However, I want to verify the identity of the guests and make sure that they agree to our house rules and are not looking for a place to party.

Why not having important deposit? (collect with pre autorization on card)

In Australia - they don’t have to supply their card. I can accept PayPal, but most pay cash.

Can’t you change the setting to have a card compulsory?.

I had to do this in the beginning

As you say, there is no guest screening on BDC. You could use something like Clearbit to pull social media profiles if they are attached to the guest email address. They have a Gmail/Chrome extension.

I recently created an in-depth article about hosting on . I hope you find it valuable. It touches on screening guests, primarily by taking deposits and having the right policies in place.

@breslinv Thanks! I’ll read your article and see if I can use any of the tips.

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