Scratches on place mats

Two of my placemats have had strange linear scratches on them and they were then hidden in the drawer so I don’t know which guest(s) did it.
Any theories?

It looked like thin chopping cuts.

My suggestion : I think you’re going to have to let it go.


They couldn’t find the cutting boards so they used the placemats. Be thankful your table or counters weren’t damaged. Buy new ones.


Not those sort of cuts.
It looked as if they were chopping up powders or crystals.

Then why are you asking for theories? Sorry, I don’t get it.

People will do whatever it is that people do, and they’ll do it in your rental.

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Not without pictures.

On placemats huh? Rookies.


Unless your placemats are made out of glass, tile, granite, or marble, no one would ever do lines off a plastic placemat.


Could be a laptop? I know they have those little pads but I’ve seen damage done by dragging them across a surface. That would be my guess.

@KKC @chicagohost This forum is a mine of fascinating new information for such as I who have clearly lived a sheltered life …


Call me thick but I still don’t understand what the OP is asking here. Is it:

  • My guests were taking drugs - what can I do? (Nothing as long as they paid and didn’t cause excessive damage).

  • Can I claim for my damaged tablemats? (Unlikely.)

  • What caused these cuts? (Does it really matter?)


Just trying to learn from others’ experiences.

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If you’re thick, call me thicker because I, too, didn’t understand the OP. I ended up wandering in a circle and drooling after trying to figure out the answers to the OP’s questions.

Following the statement that the scratched placemats were hidden in a drawer, he stated, “I don’t know which guest(s) did it.” I didn’t know the answer either because he hadn’t given any clues about the guest(s).

Then he asked: “Any theories?” By then, I was spinning because I didn’t know whether he was referring to what caused the scratches on the placemats or which guest(s) were guilty.

I think it was the butler…with the fireplace poker.


I’m thickest of all because I do not know how placemats get scratched? I got my placemats at Ross and they were $2.99 for four. :laughing:


@Nick0 , hope you’re enjoying the responses here! I don’t think you will ever get a satisfactory answer. That’s the life of a host sometimes. How the hell did that pube get on the kettle, what on earth did they do with the towels to make them that colour, why weren’t they taught as a child to use a toilet correctly, on what planet is it ok to put your nail clippers in the fridge etc etc. It’s a faith, if you will, almost a religion (ask Chesky, he’ll tell you, in fact he’ll bless you hallelujah with the airbnb gift).
You will never know what happened to your placemats. The best you can do is invent a great story that is far more entertaining and interesting than the truth. Somehow, though, you will always have that frustrating suspicion that the real story is far more bizarre than anything you could imagine. You just have to live with it and mutter to yourself as you clean up.

Alternatively, you could just believe that they were taking drugs and too stupid/high to remove the evidence.


And why were there so many tomatoes under the ottoman? Why were there so many dog hairs in the kitchen sink? Why was the shower curtain covered with purple streaks? Why were there chunks of pizza in the bed? Why was there a syringe under the sofa? Why did the guests insist on having a domestic at 2 am? Why did the female guest yap like a dog? Why did guests completely rearrange all the furniture? Why did they completely reorganise the cutlery? Why were two pillows shoved behind the bed?

Guests will be guests!

I live a very simple life! I have not had any of these issues.


No way did you have these things happen…did you?!!

Placemats are collateral damage.

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