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Science of Stats

Hi Everyone

I didn’t find this topic when I searched the forum. That is, how do you respond to the stats?

After being booked solid all summer it is suddenly dead dead dead. I have NO bookings for September. Some for October, not much. This time last year September and October were already booked by a PhD student coming to work for 2 months.

I’ve looked at my stats for the first time and I have NO views for the last few days. This tells me that my prices are not attractive - at least, I think that’s what it tells me. I have IB, super host, and 68 5 star reviews (my guests are very generous) so you would think that people would at least be looking at my place. However, the competition is fierce.

Has anyone else used those stats to determine price? Does airbnb give us stats on our area? Wouldn’t that be helpful to find out how many ‘looks’ airbnbs in my area are getting?

Beyond Pricing still says that my 90 day books are to high! It’s at 47% and ideal is 32%.

Any thoughts?

I’ve spent the last twenty years looking at website stats on a daily basis! (And I love it - yes, I’m a sad geek :slight_smile: ) But by that I mean proper stats such as Google Analytics not the Airbnb ones - because the Airbnb ones are hopeless! I’ve seen times where ‘no views’ have been registered and yet I’ve had enquiries and booking during that time so it shows that the stats are not to be trusted in the slightest.

I doubt that your prices are too high because I’ve read what you provide for your guests and, as you say, you have loads of reviews.

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OK, thanks. That’s very helpful. I’ll try to hold tight, and to breath.

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