Scheduled messages with different check-in/out times

Hi there, new host here :slightly_smiling_face:
I am using the Scheduled Messages from Airbnb, and have one message set-up to go out one day prior Check-out, with Check-out instructions, which includes the check-out time. However for this one guest I granted a late check-out (1pm, instead of the regular 11am).
My question to this community is how do you manage the Scheduled Messages in these situations? Is there a way to set-up the check-out time for a specific reservation, and add that as a shortcode on the scheduled messages?
Thank you for the support!

I personally never used scheduled messages. I saved ones from prior guests and added or subtracted from that message to fit the next guests.


How do you do to remember when to send?

I send a check in message two days before and ask them to let me know about when they might arrive.

After their arrival I send another to give a little more information and make sure everything is fine.

Then, I don’t bug them again unless they contact me until the evening before checkout. I remind them of checkout time, lock the door and return the key to the box.

It’s usually worked out without any problems.

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The same way anyone creates a reminder to themselves about anything- making a note on their calendars, either digital or manual.
Also Airbnb sends “reminder” messages, far too many in many hosts’ view, reminding you that “XX is coming in 5 days”, “XX is checking in tomorrow”.


Airbnb bombards both hosts and guests with excessive messages. And most people find it incredibly annoying. (Treating us as four-year-olds who don’t have the gumption to understand what’s going on .)

Therefore I send:

On booking: Thank you for booking etc etc please let me know if you have any questions

Day before arrival: As you know check-in time is etc. etc

Evening before checkout: Wow time flies. Checkout day already tomorrow. I hope that you’ve had a great time here etc etc.

Each one takes only two or so minutes.

Yep :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this, it’s very helpful.
To manage this specific situation, I ended up deleting the Scheduled Message template (I wish there was a way to just pause, since I will use it again as soon as this reservation is completed). I created a quick reply and will customize based on the specific reservation and set up a reminder to send it. Once this stay is over, I’ll re-create the Schedule message template.
It feels like a lot of work, but it took me just a few minutes… It’s the reminding that worries me and this is where I think the Schedule messages come handy.
I do have another reservation with an early checkin, where I’ll repeat this process again.
Just wish Airbnb would have some of this capabilities to help organize.
Also loved the idea to send an additional message the day off to remember of the late checkout.

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If I have a guest who has prearranged for a later check-out time, I write something to this effect: “Dear (guest), just to let you know that you will continue to receive automated messages that state that check out time is 11am, however rest assured that I am aware that your check out time has been changed to 1pm. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.” To me, this is much simpler than temporarily changing or stopping the automated messages. I have not had any trouble with this technique.