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Scary AirBnB Regulation proposed for South African Short Term Rentals


So the South African tourism ministry wants to regulate AirBnB to the extent that it decides on:

  • how many nights I am permitted to host;
  • how much I can charge
  • where an AirBnB may be situated

The proposals by government are bizarre. It takes away the choice of where the guest wants to stay; “Sorry, excellent guest house has reached its threshold; you now have a choice of dump 1 or 2 down the road”.

Effectively, it would be a waste of time making my AirBnB an attractive, affordable option than the one next door and the concept of being a “superhost” would have no value.

Are hotels and their ilk going to be subjected to the same rules? I bet not. “Sorry, Sheraton has reached its quota. You must now stay at Freedom Revolutionary Hotel in Controlville”.

This is nothing more than a collusion between government and a failing hotel industry business model that is charging exhorbitant prices, and ‘animal farm’.

I see in the media that Airbnb are “in discussions” with government. I just hope that Airbnb puts its hosts’ interests first.


Can you please pm me with a link to these rules? Thank you.


I thought of you immediately as I read the OP’s words. My fingers are crossed…


Just found it. Evidently

“local hotels are concerned that it has come at a cost to their industry. They claim that unregistered accommodation establishments listed on the site are diverting business away from established BnBs and hotels.”

My heart bleeds.

@Joan Thanks, Joan, all my fingers and toes are crossed! Not that I think there’s anything wrong with regulation as such - so far in Andalucia it’s not onerous and seems to be working well. And I’m well aware of the terrible shortage of low-cost housing in SA cities. But I’m not going to be sad if the Lord Nelson hotel is losing money because of my little studio!

@denigib I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Or maybe we could try to bribe the Minister of Tourism … no, I didn’t say that.


What? Corrupt a Minister of State? In South Africa?

I haven’t hear much lately on Mr Ramaphosa’s efforts to clean government up, or what is happening to Mr Zuma. Any news from the horse’s mouth?

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