Scammers on AirBnB

Hi All,

Just had another scammer trying to hack my account. This time pretending to want to book but saying that they had found my place on another AirBnB listing at a lower price, with the link to that listing. Apparently the listing takes you to a fake AirBnB site that asks you to log-in. They then have your details, and all that entails. AirBnB informed.

Be aware.


Very tricky. Good post, thanks for the warning.

Same thing just happened to me on Wimdu! Never click on suspicious links! Report that to Air right away.

Kona - do you ever have a wimdu guest request an invoice? I did - and assumed it was for business purposes or something…guess I’d better go check my account. Wimdu said ‘use our invoice creator’…

Hmmm, I don’t use the invoice creator? Are you sure it is legitimate? As I have mentioned, Wimdu is not as sophisticated as Air and is still subject to scammers getting through. When you get an Inquiry it should be very obvious.

Here’s an example of a dodgy inquiry. Don’t click on links like this.