SCAMMED BY HOSTS AND neglected by airbnb

Hoping to see if anyone can help, I had an incident with some guests followed by me giving them a complete refund via paypal not airbnb. They then contacted airbnb AND AIRBNB ALSO gave them a refund so i have lost double my money and they have received not only one payout but 2. I contacted airbnb straight after I provided them a refund and they still went ahead and did it, 10 emails later and it seems I’ve been completely scammed! If anyone can assist much appreciate it.

Niika, well your first mistake was doing anything at all by cash. This tells me you must be a new host. You simply gave away that money, and all you can do is write back to the guest and beg for it to be returned by paypal. Remind them they already got paid a refund by Air. Maybe they think it is a happy accident that they got paid twice. I wouldn’t call this a scam. With all due respect this is a dumb mistake on your part that you will never do again. Write to the guests and POLITELY ask for the duplicate payment to be returned via paypal. And never send guests money via paypal again! If they don’t return it, that is a hard lesson learned.


Can you tell us more of what happened? Did Airbnb already pay out the funds to you, or did they complain to Airbnb within the first 24 hours. If they complained to Airbnb within the first 24 hrs., then it is my understanding that Airbnb will not release the money to the host. Did they check out within the first day? What was their complaint? And was it their idea for you to use PayPal? I am just trying to understand why PayPal was used.

Its true I’m a new host and I error in using paypal and not airbnb to alter a refund, all my payments go directly from airbnb to paypal so they work together i still feel i should have some protection. Airbnb actually contacted me saying they confirmed my refund via paypal to my guest and they would not be taking any money out and then they did it anyway. Very frustrated with this, its a lot of money to lose and airbnb have been completely hopeless in troubleshooting this with me, with contradicting email and taking days to respond and not returning calls.


What exactly happened? Why did Airbnb take money back from your account if they already released it to you?

It was probably automatic so stay on them. Apologize for your error and keep asking them to refund you. Lesson learned!