Scam/Fake listing and Airbnb not doing anything about it


I posted this before, I can’t find it not sure if the mods pulled it or what but I noticed a listing in my area that is using my pictures so I immediately called Airbnb and told them about it stressing that this is a serious issue, this person might be scamming people out of their money and causing me harm as this person is using my pictures and even the same descriptions, I have called about 4-5 times over 2 days, no one has called me to confirm anything and the listing is still live on the site, some reps have a totally indifferent attitude about the magnitude of the problem and say “just wait your turn”, is Airbnb becoming a cheap boiler room call center??? The last rep that I talked to finally had some common sense and understood the situation and mentioned they might be short on staff to handle the volume. I’m deeply disappointed how Airbnb is handling this type of serious issues, I expect this from a company barely surviving and barely able to hire help. Anyone having this type of issue with Airbnb?

Thank you.

Send a message through AirBnB to that listing and tell them to remove your pictures within 24 hours or you will contact the police. If they don’t comply within 24 hours contact the police.

I suppose in Michigan you have a normal functioning police force.

@Robert_Dudley Your reply is so totally useless. I suppose it’s meant to be funny, but I even don’t see any fun in it. Yes, good you now know.


Hi GutHend,

I finally got a response from the “Trust and Safety” team and the listing has been removed, going to double check to make sure my listing hasn’t been removed as well! I just saw a very similar ad not related to anything mine but very similar feel and pricing to the fake one, going to Airbnb to check it as well, since nobody is pushing for this one (and if it’s fake the owner of the actual listing might be totally unaware) who knows how long it will take for them to check this one.

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They should hire you! You are quite the super sleuth!

Ok, you hit the limits of my English and google isn’t really helpful either.
What is a “sleuth”? :relaxed:

Detective. Like Sherlock Holmes. :slight_smile:


Did the fake account(s) have reviews? And was there any info about the Host such as a profile and how long they’d been hosting?

I might have missed something in your post but I don’t see that this is a ‘serious issue’ in the grand scheme of things. And I’ve always found the Airbnb customer service reps very helpful.

In the last twelve months we have found that a listing in the building next door, the owner totally copied all our text. We have a separate apartment and he just offers single rooms. Even the words ‘this apartment’ were the same. I simply reported the listing and after a couple of months he had changed everything.

Also the apartment next to our own rental is on HA and shows an exterior photograph of our apartment and not his own. This has been the case for five years.

These are no problem to us because we are fully booked. It would be a different matter if our bookings were being affected. Are yours?

Sorry, I totally missed your response, no reviews, totally fake with the picture of an attractive model as the owner. Haven’t checked the area lately for fake posting, time to do that.