Scam Alert: Better Business Bureau

Below is the text of a scam email I received this morning. It has some humorous misspellings, but if English wasn’t my first language, or if I wasn’t good at spelling, or if I weren’t so well clued-in to scammer tricks, I might’ve at least wasted some time calling the BBB. Sending it along in case other Airbnb’s are receiving it.

Subject: Incident:5639835113:106
From: “Wayne J Glenn”

This email has been automatically sent to you because Better Business Bureau has received a complaint, claiming that your company is violating the The Safety and Health Act.

You can download the text file with the explication of compliant by following the link (scam link removed by Amy).

We also request that you send a answer within 48 hours to us. This message should contain info about what you plan to do about it.

Important notice:
When replying to us, please keep the abuse ID “Incident:5639835113:106” unchanged in the subject .

Better Business Bureau
Compliant Department
Wayne J Glenn

Nice that complaints are handled by the COMPLIANT dept. LOL.


And what address did the email originate from?

Added that, thanks for the prompt.

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