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Saving a listing for marketing purposes

So, by now everyone knows the listing I lovingly built and had all 5-stars is no more.

Other than keeping the listing active, can I “capture” it somehow for marketing purposes?

Thanks, awesome Airfolk.

Try creating an Excel spreadsheet

If you just want the copy and pics, just cut and paste it into a Word doc.

Select “print to PDF” in the printing menu of your computer and it will save the page you’re viewing in your browser to a nice PDF document.

You can block all the calendar dates so it’s not bookable but you could continue linking to the listing if you want prospective guests or other hosts to see you’re well-reviewed. The property owners may come after you to de-list, however.

Thanks, all. None of those worked but, Air is working with me. They saw what I did with the place in 3 short months and all of the “Jay” reviews.

They asked me to delist it, which I did, and said they would help me capture it somehow for future marketing purposes (also good for Air - let’s not forget we are also their money-makers, not just the guests).

I’ll keep you posted but if anyone can save this in the meantime, it’s https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12757381?sug=50

Saving as a PDF will work but I don’t know if showing all those cancellations would be a plus. Best to start over.

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@konacoconutz - just found out it’s a $50 penalty per cancelled reservation. Good thing I have strong teeth, able to withstand all the kicking.

Lawyer tomorrow providing Airdocumentation showing owners who stole my tablet caused all these cancellations.

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