Saved by an honest review! Phew!

…the inconsistency on Airbnb also applies to the mode being used, e.g. phone app vs. computer or even the web app version on a phone is different than the web version on a computer. The only place to see full detail is on a computer web version.

Indeed. I logged on desktop mode for the purpose of this thread and only then noticed I had a message from the host at the property we’re staying at next week - it never showed on the app. I suspect the message was too long and formatted for the app to handle.

I am on my laptop, have gone to a number of guests profiles and I definitely don’t have it either:


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@Jamjsco, @KKC, @Poppy I am in the U.S. and have never seen the thumbs up or down “recommended by X other hosts” portion either. This is frustrating to me because why do we as hosts get asked this on the review if other hosts can’t benefit from this portion of the rating?


Since this thread has been active recently I thought I’d update on this guest. She hung around my city from April until August. She went from 19 reviews/12 hosts recommend to 38 reviews/27 hosts recommend so she went from 63% recommend to 71% recommend. She stayed with several hosts twice. She reviews some hosts but not all, but no pattern I can discern. Maybe she is hoping that by not reviewing the hosts won’t review either. As I said previously I can only imagine how many hosts have skipped reviewing altogether.

One host reported that the white powder is related to health issues. Her review says this

"I have now hosted xxx twice. She is a lovely person. She has some health issues that she uses products for that put a film or powder on the floors and furniture. The water bill was significantly higher during her stay. She uses every bit of toilet tissue, paper towels, and soap that a host may put out. (I am very generous in what I leave for guests). Cleaning takes three to four times longer than usual. It is more than many hosts may be willing to put up with. That said, she is conscientious about communicating, and willing to make efforts for improvement. She is bright and does not like to intrude on one’s privacy. I wish her well in her search for better health.

In addition this guest routinely asks for early check in and late check out. Sometimes you have to “read between the lines.” Here is the most recent review

from host:
xxx was very sweet. Didn’t see much of her but she was nice. (one of those non-review reviews. ugh)

from guest:
My stay at xxx’s place turned out well. At first there was some misunderstanding or miscommunication about checking in, but it all worked out. xxx was a great host, considerate and thoughtful, offered good ammenities and wanting to work with my schedule when I was leaving. (emphasis mine)

This guest is still 4 star average. 3.5 for cleanliness, 4.5 for communication and 4.5 for observance of rules. BTW, the star ratings are only available on the app.

So over 6 months and dozens of stays this guest keeps booking airbnbs. As the review says this might be more than some hosts want to deal with but so far a solid majority of hosts are willing to deal with this and give the sort of generic review that it meaningless.

Warning CA hosts she is now in your state. LOL.


If you hear that she’s heading to Florida,please alert us! I wouldn’t want her anywhere near our place.


At least on my computer web version (U.S.) I cannot see the “compliments”. I can only see that in the app for iPhone. Frustrating!