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Sandy...picks fights with anyone who speak kindly about guests


Tom, Sandy is raging on this site bashing guests one after another. Now she is bashing me and Kona . She picks fights with anyone who speak kindly about guests.


I wonder if there is anyone who can provide proof of this rather large claim. All of my former posts are right there under anon(number something or other). But it appears that Yana has a vendetta against me, and feels that she can make these claims without any proof, and already as a moderator has booted me off the forum without a word (I re enrolled under a different name, but for how long?). Tom is completely disinterested.

I honestly feel that when others had different experiences to my own, that I was often pleasantly surprised, happy for them and have shown encouragement. The large amount of ‘likes’ I handed out as a member goes somewhere towards showing my enjoyment in encouraging people’s posts (and not just those that shared the same experiences as me).

While our home is different from some, many have had the same experiences with guests not being as careful with the home or room as they should be, but I hardly think I’m raging on the site bashing one guest after another. I have found it to be a tremendous help for me to offload my latest bad experience to not feel so alone.

Personally I feel Yana’s vendetta began when I tried to explain someone’s post to Yana as she had made an unnecessarily harsh response to due misreading or misunderstanding the post. Even though I do admit to (tongue in cheek mostly, but clearly doesn’t work online!) occasionally ribbing different cultural tendencies - including my own, and this has gotten me flagged, I have never been flagged or had any issues with fighting with people who speak kindly of guests. I’d love to love my guests more! Why do you think I’m in therapy?

I do know I am pretty outspoken. But if people come for opinions, then, I guess I think they are wanting to hear them. But sometimes they are wanting to hear only what they want to hear, and I could be more attuned to that, I know.

Now I just have to wonder, why is this person that has lied about and targeted me been selected to be a moderator? And why is Tom totally disinterested to find out if I am guilty as accused? I have as many posts liked as Yana does, so it’s hard to argue I’m that unhelpful or disliked.

Any thoughts before this is whipped into oblivion? Tom suggested taking the conversation private, but then refused to respond.


To The Moderators,

I would like to weigh in to support Sandy. I have a different style of hosting than Sandy or Yana. I allow guests to check in early, check in very late, check out late, cook, etc. Sandy has never criticized me. Yana, on the other hand, reamed me when I responded to someone who asked how we feel about guests cooking saying that I really enjoy it. I think that if posters are not allowed to criticize each other this rule should be applied to all posters.


I agree with ellen on this. Flagging & cutting Sandy’s account seems arbitrary & personal. Not everyone might agree with each others’ hosting approaches but I’ve never seen Sandy attack anyone ( although I have seen other posters insult her). She might express strong opinions that differ from yours but her experience has helped me in a number of situations & that’s what this forum ought to be about.


What Chicagohost said. The moment you start banning people due to hearsay is the moment you lose. I’ve yet to see Sandy ‘bash’ someone, and blocking her for her personal views and statements is wrong. She has given me helpful advice and I do not think banning her is justified, and if you must, then at least make it a proper investigation.


I HAVE NEVER flagged Sandy, EVER. I appreciate her posts and input, and yes she is a bit outspoken but who cares.

. I am hurt she would say I flagged her. I just want to make that clear, in case it already isn’t-- I HAVE NEVER FLAGGED SANDY.


Thanks for the support, and also those that agreed that the set up of the forum that allows flagging to anything (without checking what or if the problem is) to be an ill planned set up.

I agree a proper investigation should be made rather than just unceremoniously booting people out the door so that they only find next time they go to see what’s happening here that they can’t log in, and all their posts now belong to an anonymous person. That was an investment of a lot of my time and energy. Now in the very least if I am the person claimed (picking fights with anyone who enjoys their guests), the first thing you should do is remove these toxic posts, after all, they must be riddled with my vile attitude and constant fighting. And if I was removed because I reached the maximum flags, then it would bear out that I must be quite the monster and my posts not fit for a nice forum like this,

I only think it fair if they do not allow me the ability to log back in as my original self, that they remove my posts. It is unfair that the forum should gain advantage from me in the form of hundreds of views (one of my threads is one of the most highly viewed threads on the forum), and lots and lots of shared personal experience and advice. But I’m sure I have no rights. Forums usually have TOS that strip you of things like that as soon as you use it.

Disappointing all around, but I’ll live. I just wanted to bring light to the situation, as often this kind of thing is done in secret, and I think that’s not only cowardly, it allows it to continue on, lots of people none the wiser, losing friends and people who they enjoyed out of the blue and never knowing why.


Your investment was to the benefit of other hosts, and not to the forum. Remember that! it was not wasted. Usually when people get booted off forums all their threads/posts get deleted too. I’ve only ever read one or two nasty personal messages on this forum and neither were from you. Its generally pretty civilized on here as forums go.


Wise point imo, and the reason they were written in the first place (except for when I was blabbing on and in need of support myself!). It’s true theres a good bunch of people here ro learn from, share with and have a laugh with.

I do appreciate the support that I haven’t been attacking people.


I do hope you are reinstated Sandy.
This is unfortunate!


I am deeply disturbed with the action of banning Sandy. I found that there a few posters on this Forum that gang up and eliminate posters that they don’t like.
She was the only one verbalizing what others don’t’ dare say out of fear of being bullied by the few.
I myself have not joined a topic except issue with PayPal and now, when i heard that Sandy is banned. They are probably going to start Flagging me if i join in any conversation, but they do not have to worry, I wont.


Sandy, you’ve been very helpful to me many times in the past. For those who don’t like your opinions, etc.; that’s why there’s a ‘pgdn’ button on our keyboard.


Maybe instead of leaving if we bring attention to the flaw in the set up of this forum (that a member can be targeted relentlessly by flagging until their profile is deleted, obviously with no oversight as to what exactly is being flagged by an impartial party- this was actually verified by Tom as the way I got deleted), then we might see a change in how it operates? But don’t hold your breath :smirk:


DC, thank you, and as usual a very astute and intelligent way of looking at things, and thankfully the way most of us behave.


I’ve noticed Sandy has not been on here for over a week now so i’m unsure where this has come from. This is a public forum and like it or love it sometimes you just have to put up with what may be perceived as not very nice.


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