Sam's club Plus members = free shipping to your different locations. Cheaper than Amazon!

In case anyone is frustrated by high Amazon prices - make sure to get a Plus Membership to Sam’s Club. They have TONS of necessary items (sheets, towels, pillows, cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, laundry detergent, etc) that are USUALLY much cheaper than Amazon . . . and they will ship them FREE to each of your properties!

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Thank you for the tip.

It does pay sometimes to compare prices from Amazon. After all, a big percentage of sellers are individual sellers.

I usually compare to Wal-Mart, but they too now have individual sellers.

I believe that Sam’s Club has a 10% surcharge on online orders if you’re not a member, 5% surcharge at Costco for online orders without a membership. Sam’s offers a free 90-day trial membership, so there’s that.

Especially for big ticket items it can pay to shop at these kinds of warehouse and online venues.

FWIW my DH keeps signing us up when Sam’s has those membership deals and I must say it’s been worth it, especially the business or plus membership. I love their sheets. I have had much better luck finding quality, plumbing friendly toilet paper. I try to look there before I go to Amazon.

Unrelated to STR, the pharmacy has been ever so customer friendly. A pharmacist went out of his way to search for a discount for me and I didn’t even know one existed. Their walk-in vaccination program is great.