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Sample of a Shared-Revenue Agreement with an AirBnb management company



Hello, I’m looking for samples of Shared-Revenue Agreement with an AirBnb management company. Anyone in this forum is willing to share? I’m trying to understand/compare different agreements by different companies to ensure I’m well-protected as a property owner before I sign anything. It seems hard to get these companies to disclose the contracts unless you want to sign up their service…quite unfriendly for cautious/indecisive owner like me :frowning:


I can see why a management company wouldn’t want to share an agreement with you before you sign up as it provides commercially sensitive information and for all they know, you are working for a competitor.

What I think you would be best doing is to draw up a brief as to what you want for a management company to cover in terms of services and then put together a table by which you compare the companies across your critiera.

You can then use this to decide which company you want to use.

You don’t need their contracts to make a decision, what you need is to know what services they offer, how much it cost and then compare that against the competition to help you make a choice.


                                 company A, company B, Company C

Cleaning X X X
Meet and Greet
Guest Management
Emergency Call
Fee structure

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