Safety-awareness when looking for an appartment - what do you think?


I work on a project which goal is to make the world a safer place by providing real-time safety information of every corner of the world through the power of crowdsourcing. SafeThru provides the online community the ability to report, mark and rate geolocations to increase general safety-awareness for users. What do you think about the concept?

I have started adding a functionality that allows Airbnb users to find a place to stay at with a support of information about general perception of safety at specific areas. Would it be as useful from Airbnb host’s perspective as from users’? How do you see it ?


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What parameters will be using to determine safety? The amount of released ex-cons or sex offenders living in a neighborhood? The average income of a neighborhood?

The main idea to give people a tool they can use to mark geolocations when they feel good/safe (simply places you don’t have to be on your guard all the time) or places you wouldn’t advise your friends to visit.
The current version will be totally powered by crowdsourcing. No crime reports and other statistics right now. If some crime happened somewhere it doesn’t automatically mean it’s dangerous neighborhood or people don’t wanna go there. I’m thinking about including a mechanism that uses this data maybe in a future release.

All you have to do is locate affluent areas…

The way to make the world a safer place is to be PRO GUN CONTROL! (Sorry, I just had a lot of coffee)


So a complete stranger to an area / place can make some sort of ill informed assessment of a neighbor hood and decide whether it is safe of not??
God - what a brilliant way to completely destroy your competitors!