Safety at Short-term Rentals

Even if your property is not located in the litigious U.S. you might want your properties safe for your guests.

Here’s a link to a free conference that includes on March 23 a 25-minute talk on " The Top Safety Initiatives That Should Be on Your Radar": beginning 10:30 am ET. If you register (free) you’ll be able to access a recording of the talk.

Note that most of the two-day Zoom conference is not about safety. It’s an ELEVATE conference, with ELEVATE being a property manager.

I am not affiliated with Breezeway or ELEVATE. If this is an inappropriate promotional post, even obliviously, I understand if the moderators choose to remove it.

More on Breezeway’s safety checklist: Is Your Property Safe? Take the Challenge -- A 75-Point Safety Checklist

Conference: ELEVATE 2023: Breezeway's Property Operations Summit

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