"Safe Stay" Hotel industry guidelines - link and call today

I started a new thread for this although I mentioned it in the thread about pillow hygiene. I thought today’s call by the AHLA was going to focus on safety and it did not, but I still wanted to share a link to find all the information the hotel industry is using to train employees and to communicate with guests.

Please don’t anyone tell me we aren’t hotels, I know that, and don’t want to start THAT debate. My point in sharing is they will be communicating to the same customers we have (it’s part of the toolkit) and so it’s worthwhile, IMO, to know what they are doing and saying as it relates to COVID-19 cleaning. As they publicize it as “the minimum standard” our guests will be exposed to it at some point and may look for some of the same steps in our places.

The link is not behind a firewall, nor is the downloadable document outlining recommendations. Enjoy:
AHLA Safe Stay pdf
Safe Stay toolkit link

To see what viruses your cleaning agents work against, here’s a list. Look for “human coronovirus.”
EPA list of cleaning agents and targeted virus


Thank you for sharing this info!

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