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Sad toilet lid cover

Just checked in. Really? I’m thinking of getting a new one at the dollar store, my treat, just to be a troll

ewwwwwwwww…maybe some gloves as well? you will need them to remove the cover

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The first thing I did when I bought my house last year was to buy a new toilet seat. haha


Ha! That’s always the very first “remodeling” we do! As my husband says, only ten bucks to guarantee your a$$ is the first one. :smile:


Any time a listing doesn’t have a picture of the bathroom, I assume the bathroom is pretty awful. I haven’t seen a bathroom like this in the United States except in a public restroom. Nice tile though.


That could easily be in any of the older buildings in SF! One of my first places here was gorgeous, but had that toliet! So bizarre

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Thats from the 70’s. Imagine the germs on that.

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Where is this?!

Use your feet to lift the seat. :wink:


Astoria (NYC )

It’s not too bad otherwise

The kitchen sink could use some TLC.

Oh-mi-Gawd…I am having permanent shudders…(major urrrp!)

What the heck is that in the sink? Makes me think they are covering chips or stains with that… What is that thing?

I think it’s the stuff used to line shelves. I haven’t worked up the courage to look under it yet.

Maybe a hanger, best not to use any body part. I remember growing up in the 80’s in Dublin, you would have a matching mat that went around the toilet and one for in front of the sink. Our house is about 60 years old and when we moved in, we had a pink bathroom suite downstairs and an avocado one upstairs, the last people even left their rotten toilet brushes for us

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The bathroom, minus the seat cover, looks like my rental which is in a building from 1924. Overall, the bathroom is in decent shape: new toilet and cabinet this year, new sink within the past five years or so.

But the tub/shower was in rough shape. Not surprising really as it’s probably original issue The porcelain was very pitted and there were water stains around the drain. No matter how much I scrubbed, the tub always looked dirty.

I finally got some criticism from a guest about it and decided enough was enough. Replacing the tub is not an option so looked into getting a tub liner. That alone was going to run about $800 installed.

A clerk at Home Depot suggested a tub makeover: basically rough up the porcelain, clean it like mad, and then paint it with some specialized porcelain paint. It cost $40 and took me a few hours. The kit came with two cans of spray paint and I bet I only used half of one.

Anyhoo…judge for yourself. Don’t let the colors fool you. One was taken with natural light and the other at night. Just look at how nice it turned out!


I had mine professionally recoated but probably could have done just as good a job myself, especially since guests are no longer using that bathroom.

Geoff!! I need to do this! What is the name of the kit and what do you mean rough up?

It looks great! I did the same kind of thing with Tile Paint on some horrible coloured mosaic tiles … I worried about it for ages, but when it was done it looked really good, and was very tough and hard-wearing as well. Mine was done with a roller rather than spray and I thought it might leave marks but it didn’t.

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They give you some fine steel wool that you use to give a fine scratch to the surface so the paint will hold. Since my tub is about a gazillion years old, it wasn’t necessary to do this much.

As for the kit name, I don’t recall but there are lots of different brands. You can get one on Amazon or go to Home depot.

Mine is a gazillion too but isn’t pitted. Will have to look into this!

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