Rules in Fort Worth

I have called the city of Fort Worth 3 times and they will not return my calls. I cannot find information on wether I need a permit or even if it is legal to have a listing in my area of Fort Worth. There are none at present. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Thank you for your time.

Where are you in Ft Worth? There seem to be listings all over the place there…

Why not go down there or write to your local political representative ?

In the Chapel Creek area. It is a residential area just west of downtown. The listings that are closest to me are in White Settlement, so not city of Fort Worth.

I guess I will have to. I was hoping to know what I am up against first. Thanks!

Two suggestions. Call the zoning administrator in your government body and ask him/her to point you to pertinant regulations in your zoning ordinances or just ask him / her if airbnb is legal in your residences zoning classification.

Two… you can go online and look at the xoning regs.

Let us know what you learn. Regards
Curt Peterson

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If no one here knows for certain, I would send an Inquiry (not a Request to Book) to the nearest couple of listings that you can see from the map are actually in Fort Worth proper. Asking a host for help politely will probably get you an answer.

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Thanks everyone! I will look into your suggestions!

Thanks! I Will do definitely look into this.

Same question here for my home town of never never land. I’m renting out private bed/bath with 3 person max occupancy. I’m always living in the house. I’ve read city guidelines, but it is not clear whether I need a permit for this or only if I need a permit if I’m renting the whole property and will not be occupying it. I guess I’m going to have to call the city, but don’t want to call attention to myself unnecessarily. I’ve noticed other properties in my area posting their license numbers, (how to even enter this number? With the way my rental is defined it does not seem to be an airbnb option in “listing” categories) but these are for stand alone full rental properties that are not owner occupied while guests are staying.

I think you are right, your city is the only one who can clarify for you, if the guidelines are unclear. If you are intending to abide by any regulations the city has in place, then there shouldn’t be any issue with you contacting them.

I believe you enter your license number on your listing, but we don’t have a licensing system here, so I am not sure.

Yes, but it would seem to me that air would have a designated spot for this somewhere in the listing, should it apply to me, as the other ads all have it displayed in the same place and are “whole hosuse” type listings. Air already collects state and city taxes from me… I will do some more digging.