Rotating sheet sets: how do you keep them smelling fresh?

I am transitioning from use / wash / use to rotating sheets; one set on, one in readiness. They will stay off the bed prob 5-7 days after washing.

Do I need to store them in any specific way so the sheets smell as good (or nearly as good) as when they come out of the dryer? I use a scented pod to wash and they are microfiber.

The only way I’ve found is to put the already-laundered sheets outside on the line. But it’s much better for the guests to put freshly-laundered bedding on for them.

So true! BUT I am trying to cut changeover time so that I only change sheets, not remove, wash, replace.

After a guest told me she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep because my “fresh” scent sheets bothered her I switched to all unscented products. Scented products are just one more thing that could eliminate potential guests so it wasn’t a big deal to switch and now I don’t have to worry. I also iron with just sprinkled water rather than starch for the same reason. Never thought about the time between guests and loosing freshness…this time of year we are pretty much back to back guests. I have 4 sets I rotate. During the off season I hang the sheets until the night before a guest is scheduled.


After washing and folding them, I place them in plastic bags (the same heavy duty plastic bags with zippers they were packed in when purchased) along with dryer sheets.

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I’m in the camp of not trying to cover funky closet smell with any fragrance. If you can’t put freshly laundered sheets on the bed I’d try spritzing with vinegar water, or as I was just wondering…can they be freshened on the steam setting on my dryer. Or just spritzing with vinegar water and putting out on the line or in the dryer.

I have a problem in the summer with bugs getting on the linens. I’m fine with my own linens but if any bug snuck into the bed without me noticing and then the guest found it, that wouldn’t be okay.

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My old washer/dryer had a Airclean™ and Airfresh setting, 30 mins and 15 mins each. Airclean never worked even for unsoiled sheets slept on by a small non sweaty unicorn that only farted rainbows. Would think you could achieve the same in 5 minutes in the dryer for most.


Assuming you are not storing them in some musty basement I don’t see any issues. People wear clothes washed months before.

Just find someplace dry to store


Are you near a "trader joe’s " ? If yes… they have wonderful Lavender filled dryer thingies, kept on their shelf in the back by the soap items. These are fantastic to place in tied bags with sheets or keep on shelves, as lavender is soothing for sleep and also smells wonderful. Lavender is also a natural moth deterrent and these little bags are fantastic for use in storing with winter wools, instead of moth balls or cedar, or other methods. ( they are a very popular item ! I see they are sold on ebay, and also on amazon ! Just type in " trader joes lavender bags and they can be bought on the internet easily ).


I LOVE those lavender sachets! They don’t have a strong odor and they keep everything smelling fresh and clean … and in Florida, they help keep the bugs away (as does my pest control company). I use unscented cleaning products and bleach. People comment on how clean my house smells and that they “…can’t smell I have a cat.” My ex says I have a nose like a Customs Beagle, so I’m very careful about the house smelling clean and fresh.


Please consider the health of your guest and forgo scented products. They have neurotoxins. Google.


Team febreze!!! I love it and have never ever had anyone complain.

We rotate and find the only special consideration is to insure the sheets “on hold” are 100% dry when folded and stored. Be careful if storing on open shelves since they do get dusty.

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How about bins? I was concerned that in closed bins they would start losing freshness…

Oh dear. I won’t be staying with you. I hate Febreze. Sorry.


I feel like the bins actually keep the freshness in.

I do the rotating sets. One bin for each bedroom and a third for the bath towels and mat.

Like @Christine_Shirtcliff says, be sure they’re very dry. I’ve had no complaint in 4+ years. (Two complained of too much scent when I was still using softener, so I think I would’ve heard about mustiness.) I use Tide free and clear and no softener on my sheets. On the towels I add white vinegar in place of softener.

If they’ve been stored longer than a week we run through the “Steam fresh” setting on the dryer (a wet washcloth thrown in a dryer without that option also works).

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It seems like I need to replace some of the shelves in my closet with bins. Bins also have the advantage of often having a hole so make them lockable.

I put the sheet sets in extra large ziplock bags with a small activated bamboo charcoal sachet. They come out smelling like absolutely nothing at all.