RoomDots Dynamic Pricing (For Airbnb + other major rental sites) Launched in NYC + SF


Like many of you Airbnb has changed my life. A few years ago I was building my first tech company when I took a last minute trip to New York and stayed in my first Airbnb. After having such an stay I was left thinking why it was so cheap when hotels were charging so much more.

This question left me with a burning desire to create a solution. As someone who has formerly built pricing systems for hotels I knew their was a better way. Fast forward 3 years of creating RoomDots, the first real dynamic pricing system for Airbnb + other major rental sites.

We analyze over 19 Billion data points to increase revenue for our Hosts by 52%. We’re live in NY + SF and coming soon to 50 other cities.

We’d love your feedback and look forward to earning your more money.


Avkash Kana
Founder - Roomdots

  1. no information on your site about costs or which cities you operate in

  2. if money from hosting goes through your company - how is it protected?

I couldn’t that even that far. Not enough information to even bother investigating.

@Helsi, Thanks for the questions. RoomDots is currently live in New York and San Francisco and we’re working on launching in 50 other markets. If we haven’t launched in your city yet we’ll add you to the wait-list and the first 100 users will get priority access and a few other perks when we launch.

With regard to the cost, it’s currently free to try while we’re in beta.

Lastly, payments go through Airbnb so you’re protected.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Free, but you have to register. I couldn’t see a thing without giving personal data. Or did I miss something?

@smtucker, our application is free to try if you decide to sign up, but if you want to check it out without signing up, you can play around with our demo here. We are actively updating our site as we launch new products, so if you sign up we can notify you of what’s to come and when we’ve launched in your city. We also love hearing from hosts, so if there’s something you’re having issues with, let us know and we will try our best to service your needs.



IPs change easily. This is not necessarily web scrapping. Airbnb is protected against large number of requests, but they have the resource to handle it. Technically, making things harder only creates a market for a better simulation of a genuine user.

Furthermore, the ecosystem of startups around Airbnb are adding value to Airbnb, and Airbnb makes more money from a host with a dynamic pricing engine than a standard host, and makes also way more money than any pricing engine. Airbnb always wins.

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