Room without windows

Hi all im an upcoming host and have some questions

I have a 3bedroom house and a basement room i turned to a bedroom but no windows but its big enough for a master bedroom and has its own bathroom and closet. Can i still put it up for airbnb

Also i wanted to know if it made sense to lease the whole house or do it room by room as im worried if ill get enough traffic subletting the whole house. Thank you

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No. Ilegal and dangerous. Would you want to sleep in there if there were a fire in the basement?


Sounds like a TV room to me! But definitely not a bedroom. Not only does that sound uncomfortable but as has been pointed out already, it is not safe or legal.


Thanks for the its not actually like a basement. Its the first floor room which is also where the garage is located. So more like the first room you enter when you come into the house

Aside from the lack of 2 egress points for fire safety, I would certainly not want to stay in a bedroom with no windows. A “master” bedroom with no windows, no natural light? No.

As far as listing the entire house vs. rooms, those are 2 entirely different scenarios. If you list separate rooms for unrelated guests, you have a hostel-type situation. Are you prepared to attend to cleaning the communal spaces- living room, kitchen, bathrooms, those guests would share, on a daily basis? If guests have to put up with other guests’ mess, you will get bad reviews.


In my jurisdiction in the US, two egress points are required for each bedroom. There are code definitions for what constitutes an egress point. Check housing code (or other laws) where your property is to see what is required for a legal bedroom.

Then figure out how to add those egress points.

I can’t even fathom your liability if someone got trapped and died in such a room. For example, in a fire.

Also, I’m sure that short-term rental insurance policies, at least in the US, all have requirements for egress points.

If you’re not aware of that, I question whether you have (and have read) STR insurance. Airbnb’s “host coverage” or whatever they call it, is largely imaginary.

To go one step further, any space you rent out must be a “legal” space. In most places, turning a garage into living space requires permits and inspections. If your space wasn’t converted that way, you can’t insure it or rent it out. That’s true whether you did the conversion (or paid to have it done) or some previous owner did.

Learn everything you can about housing code, STR insurance, Airbnb policies, and your potential liability before you host.


I appreciate all the replies
Ill rather lease the whole house instead and wil make that room a tv room or extra room just for me

Basement room with no windows? Advertise it as a sex dungeon.


If you are doing short term rentals, you aren’t “leasing” the house. A lease is a legal document you sign with a tenant that gives them tenant rights.

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Lol ill think about it

Thanks for clarifying
For lack of the right words
So whats the right term

It’s still leasing. A lease refers commonly to a long term rental contract but it is also technically and generally any contract (whether written or verbal) for one person to use the property of another. The usage of the word is also regional so it depends on where you are.

We tend to think of an airbnb rental as something different than a lease but it is technically the same, to the meaning of the word. There is at least an implied contract for your guest to use your property and thus makes it “leasing”.

You are indeed leasing your house if you’re renting it out to other people for a stated amount of time, STR or LTR.

But you’ll find this forum is very wordy!

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Short term rental. And it would be advisable not to accept longer than 28-day rentals on short term rental sites like Airbnb (set your maximum stay length on your listing), because a guest who stays longer than that can be considered a tenant in the eyes of the law, with tenant’s rights, even if they don’t have a lease. Then it can be a horror show to try to evict them if they are objectionable or refuse to leave when their booking comes to an end.

You have no real protections with Airbnb, like a landlord would when taking on long term tenants. No references, no security deposit, no credit or criminal record checks, no employment history, no legal lease.


What other sites aside from Airbnb can I advertise on?

@KKC that was my first thought – where is the OP that a basement without windows or second direct outside entrance is even legal!?

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What do you mean by OP?

OP stands for Original Post or Original Poster. You started this thread so you are the OP here.

People use a lot of acronyms these days, it’s a byproduct of the texting age. I don’t know what half of them mean.

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Ancient history for you young whippersnappers! OP has been around as a computer messaging acronym since the ARPAnet message system was invented in the early 1980s. We ancient computer folk used OP long before there was a World Wide Web.

In any string of sequential messages OP stands for the Original Poster – the person who started the discussion.


Then it’s a den or living room. Not sure where egress codes fall with these rooms? :thinking:

In the USA, we call rooms with no windows “closets”…