Room with OR 2 single beds OR 1 queen: How to list?

In our new place we will have the following BnB layout:

  • Room A: Queen bed, with private bedroom.
  • Room B: Queen bed, with 2 shared bathrooms (shower&washbasin + toilet&washbasin).
  • Room C: 2 single beds OR 1 queen (=two singles shoved together), with 2 shared bathrooms. Rooms B & C will be the only rooms sharing the bathrooms.

Rooms will be listed separately as a private room in an apartment. We are living in the apartment.

Room C will have two layout options, depending if people want 1 bed (couple) or 2 beds (friends, family).
Questions: What is the best way to list these options? Should I make 2 listings for room C, or just stick with one listing and explain within the listing?
In case of two listings, is there a way to link the two AirBnB-calendars, to prevent double bookings?

Hoping that someone with a similar room layout can shed some light on the problem. Thanks!

My first instinct was to say go with 2 singles, as your other rooms already have queens beds. But actually we end up with a lot of non-couple guests who seem quite happy to share a queen bed (we’ve had friends, cousins and adult/child combos). So probably a queen bed would open you up to more groups of people. What about one of those bunk beds where it’s a queen on the bottom and a single on top?
Or is a king that separates into 2 singles an option?

EDIT: sorry, I totally misread your original post, and see now that you already have both bed options. I reckon explain in the listing and when somebody books then ask them which they’d prefer

That would be a king, no?
We have 4 rooms in our home that we list on ABB. One has two twin beds and it’s surprising how often that gets booked. I think that there’s so few of them listed out there and there is a demand.

Mattress sizes is always a difficult one, so I’m just going to put it in centimeter: We will have two 80x200cm beds (small singles?) that I can put together creating a 160x200cm bed (queen?king?). I already bought an IKEA roll to join them together :slightly_smiling_face:.

@Mike_L I also have the feeling (and hope :wink::relaxed:) that there will be high demand for a room with two single beds, because of lots of friends (or parent-child combinations) traveling together. If I decide to stick to one listing for that room, as @gardenhost suggested, I will certainly market it as a two single beds room, with option to join the beds, and not the other way around. I also think that sharing a bathroom is more acceptable to people who are not traveling as a couple.


Cant wait to see your new place! I bet with your architectural skills you will make it awesome!