Room/wall damage

This is my new home. I hosted a couple for two weeks. They were quiet couple. I had no issue with their stay until they checked out at late night in a rush (a day before the actual checkout day) saying they have work in the morning so they decided to check out. I didn’t enter the room until next noon to clean up and saw my newly painted wall was marked with some kind of oil (??) and the marks were large and visible. My house rules clearly mentioned my place as a smoke free property, and I found the bed sheet was burnt from cigarette. Wondering what would have gone through my room? Does airbnb cover such damages? Is it ok to check the room before guest leaves? Folks! any suggestion?

Sadly this is a cost of doing business because people don’t care!
You can try and send them a claim through Airbnb in the resolutions section. But message them first to see if they acknowledge the damage.
Did you have a security deposit?

It is so upsetting when damage happens.

It is distressing when we work so hard to keep our places looking nice and to provide clean untainted/unburned linens.

You may could claim against their security deposit for the burned linens.

Marks on the wall—probably the cost of doing business. Suitcases can leave terrible scuff marks. Wheeled suitcases can roll through any kind of grease then it can transfer to your wall. Also any bag checked at the airport can pick up grease from the luggage conveyor.

Side note: last week I was looking at my hallway and wondering how it could possibly have gotten so scuffed and battered. I’m sure people don’t do that to their walls at home.

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I did not take any security deposit.

im sure that others will reply but my take on this - based on older posts is:

if they dont agree they did it - ur in trouble - airbnb wont recognize it.

some people mentioned getting guests to sign a form when they arrive that all is is perfect order.

and even if they agree they did it u have to keep quotes/receipts, etc.

maybe the others on the list will confirm. poor u though - not nice at all… ((

It is very hard to claim such damage unless the guest agrees to pay. You can try negotiate with them first. If they don’t want to pay, you can try to take photos of those damage and submit through resolution centre and let Airbnb case manager decide if you get compensation or not. But you will need photos of damage, proof of purchase and some other relevant proof.

And, I believe, you have to provide proof that these particular guests did the damage, if they don’t agree to pay for it voluntarily. So document everything before other guests show up!


Similar to what @Stpetersburg & @Freya are saying, the time I attempted to file for a security deposit claim, the guest behaved badly & denied his actions thus my claim wasn’t paid. Because of the difficulty in getting a claim processed, I consider most (not all) things “cost of doing business”.

some people have in the past also added u should get ur own insurance…on top of airbnb…otherwise as @Annet3176 says its a cost of doing business…sadly…mostly had glasses and ornaments brocken…sometimes no idea how they could have done it…most paid…one denied…

All hosts definitely should!

I have made a successful claim for damage to a wall, so I would not say it’s just “a cost of doing business.” We had guests in our first year who spilled coffee or tea on the wall behind the bed and it would not come off with any cleaning solutions. We got a quote for painting the wall and Air paid. Of course that was after the guest denied any responsibility.

But the clock is ticking to make your claim(s).

I don’t think it is a lost cause because you don’t have a desposit. Just submit a res,center claim and see what happens. You have o have proper documentation. I th8nk they will pay it.