Room furnishing

Hello all,
I am starting a new Airbnb and for that I have furnished the rooms. I have planned to buy some beds and mattresses for the room. Guests had called me and they said that they’ll arrive next week. So before they arrive, I have to complete the purchase. I have shortlisted few mattresses online . They told me that they are coming as a family. So how many mattresses shall I buy?? Do I have to purchase more accessories??

Hello @TheresaRuth

It sounds like, you let your listing go live, before you were ready :slight_smile: You might want to snooze your listing until your place is ready to let out.

I wouldn’t base buying beds on the requirements for this particular family but based on what sort of guests you want to attract. Do you want families, couples, singles.

If you have room to sleep 8 - do you also have seating in your lounge and dining table to accommodate 8.

If not then you would be better accommodating less.

We can’t comment on what you might need as we haven’t seen your listing.

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Thank you Helsi for your suggestion. I need families. I have arranged other requirements like dining table, Tv and the kitchen is almost ready. This is my first experience, so i’m a bit nervous. When I called the guests, I asked them what their requirements are, and they didn’t ask much. They’ll be staying two days and two nights. So I was thinking about a mini fridge in the room?? Is it a good idea?? I have four more days to complete all the works. So it’ll be very helpful if you suggest me what furniture and what accessories I should place in the rooms.

Since your guests haven’t given any details about themselves, you’ll just have to figure 2 per bed and you’ve got 8 people coming, that’s 4 double/full beds.

How many bedrooms do you have and how large are they?

Will your guests have access to your kitchen? If so, you aren’t going to want a mini fridge in the room(s). They leak water, are noisy and generally a pain in the neck to clean.