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Risk Deactivation for adding More Rentals?

So I’ve been reading recently about AirBnB deactivating listing for owners who have multiple properties.

My current listing is a locked-off apartment within my house. It sits on land in a secluded area of the mountains. It’s gone so well, I’ve been seriously considering adding one or more tiny houses or small cabins on my property with lots of privacy between them, like several acres.

Would I be risking deactivation from AirBnB, or are they only concerned with cities like NYC & SF who are legislating against certain types of short term rentals?

Or perhaps because these would all be on the same property, with the same physical address I’d be OK?


I believe that they are responding to new ordinances being passed in some cities. But, and here is the big but, AirBNB makes their own rules and can and does change them without notice, so only proceed if you can cover your expenses using every available platform.

I agree with this and should mention more people are discovering airbnb all the time, guests and hosts. Since you are in rural area my experience might not apply but I’ll share it anyway. About a year ago I decide to add to the front of my home to make a separate entrance and ensuite bathroom for my guest room on Air. I spent about $15000. Meanwhile the number of listings keeps going up and the prices are flat. So I could neither raise my price nor significantly increase the number of bookings. I didn’t just do it for airbnb, I also wanted to be able to move my elderly sister in with me if need be but she passed away 2 weeks after it was finished. Still, I’m glad I did it.

If you make your property into a resort with mulitple listings you’d probably want to expand to other platforms and have your own website. Tiny houses would have the advantage of being easily sold if your experiment didn’t work out to your satisfaction.

I believe the risk of being deactivated varies from city to city, like smtucker mentioned. I heard about the so-called “purge” occurring in US and EU areas. But they don’t occur much in Tokyo, or where I host. I know a guy who runs 5 listings in the same area and he’s using one account. Airbnb says it tries to comply to local regulations. But it doesn’t seem so concerned with the local regulations where I am for some unknown reason.

Here is SF you are only allowed to have 1 Air BNB property, bc it must be your primary residence. However, granted you have both permit types, you could have a listing for your ‘entire house’ and a listing for a ‘private room’. This would still be in compliance. You can not have more than 1 listing for an ‘entire home’ within SF. We have 3 ‘entire home’ listings, with only one being in SF, and we have had no issues.

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