Ring Protect Subscription Service

I had Best Buy install a ring doorbell camera system for my front door.

It came with the additional paid subscription ring protect service (FREE) for 30 days.

I now have to decide if I want to do the paid subscription for Ring protect.

I’m thinking of just doing the regular Ring freebie included program that came with my doorbell rather than paying extra for the Ring Protect subscription service.

Can anyone help me with this decision?

Have anyone of you paid for the subscription service,
And reasons why…. This newbie really appreciates it,

I paid $30USD/year for the ability to save the recordings. We need the recordings to submit to Airbnb or police if something happens.

I don’t know if it is called Protect.

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But what are they doing with your data under the “enhanced” service?

And does any of this involve sharing your camera’s video with police?

Google “Ring Doorbell Police”

Here is information about the Ring Neighbors App that allows ENROLLED Ring device owners to share videos with neighbors & law enforcement

It states police will have access only to files shared by the device owners.

The owners must choose to enroll in Neighbors with sharing.

June 2021 Ring changed how law enforcement can access Ring videos. Btw this article advocates further Ring changes

The article

I am supposing that it is unnecessary on the assumption that if something is amiss that you’ll know it right away and can save the video by sending that to yourself.

If that assumption is not valid then $30/year doesn’t seem too much to preserve the videos that you might need to show evidence of a party, of someone removing your property, or of other activity at your home that you might not be monitoring in real time.

As an aside – and I realize that opinions differ – the Ring arrangement with the police strikes me as a good idea that furthers safety. But if you disagree, you can opt out.

Remember that you need to disclose on your listing that you have this video recording system. See here: Informing guests about security devices - Airbnb Help Center