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Ridiculously low pricing

My listing on Airbnb is showing totally ridiculous prices. My listing says €35 per day + €25 cleaning fee. My smart pricing is off. My calendar pricing per day is also correct. So why am I getting enquiries with something impossible like € 1 per day or sometimes even less. Can someone please help? Tried getting in contact with Airbnb to no avail. Calling California would be very expensive as I live in Europe.

Chances are it’s going to be even more expensive if people are booking with you for next to nothing :slight_smile:

But this forum is independent and has no connection to Airbnb in an official capacity. Have you emailed them?

Their website has been screwy the last few days. Just explain to guests that you don’t understand what is going on with the website but you know several hosts have been having issues and your rates are actually X and send a “special offer” of the correct amount.

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Done. Thank you for your help.

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